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Defense Modeling Executive And Former U.S. Naval Officer Launch Model Based

Engineering Firm And Announce Partnership With Transformational Technology

And Cyber Research Center At Louisiana State University (LSU)

June 22, 2015, For Immediate Release:


Kent Laursen, former Chief Technology Officer of No Magic Inc., an industry leading modeling tool vendor for both private industry and defense, and Christopher Galliano, former U.S. Navy Communications and Information Systems Officer, have joined forces to launch nMeta, in New Orleans. nMeta is focused on solutions that enhance our nation’s commerce, cyber security and national defense capabilities by leveraging powerful, model oriented practices. nMeta is developing research projects in partnership with the Louisiana State University Transformation Technology and Cyber Research Center, and has been working with its Director, Mr. Jeff Moulton, as well as with other high level stake holders to initiate several cyber security projects. nMeta will work closely with the LSU TTCRC, contributing Modeling and Simulation expertise to design a group of innovative and powerful technologies that can enhance cyber security for the United States and its interests. “We’re committed to model based solutions to better defend our nation’s mission critical networks and systems, having spent considerable time discussing the model-based approach to engineering and enhancing our defense systems. Kent and I see that merging the disciplines of model based engineering and cyber security within the framework of OMG standards is an approach whose time has come.” said nMeta Co-founder, Christopher Galliano. nMeta’s integrated approach to cyber security provides both a top down and bottom up orientation to assessment, analysis and risk reduction that is able to help protect against the multiphase attack vectors of modern cyber attackers. “The simultaneous manifestation of top down and bottom up cyber protection empowers holistic, traceable analytics and monitoring capabilities, producing findings that are not obtainable from one direction. This bidirectional approach enables targeted prevention, monitoring and mediation where the scope of cyber threat prevention can be accurately prioritized by risk, architectural context and operational importance. This targeting allows for more efficient and cost effective cyber security enabling lower TCO with higher ROI,” said nMeta Cofounder, Kent Laursen. nMeta is expanding to introduce models into all facets of the technology industry and partnering with major companies to incorporate models into their businesses. nMeta is offering unique research opportunities to the Air Force Research Labs, Office of Naval Research, the DoD Rapid Innovation Fund, and other agencies in Louisiana to develop powerful and innovative capacities in the cyber and C4ISR domains. “We also want to work with manufacturers to introduce model driven approaches to locking down the IP based systems that are on the road, in the air and at sea. The security solutions in nMeta’s roadmap can be greatly beneficial to securing these mission and safety critical systems.” said Galliano. Expanding nMeta’s ability to realize its mission, the firm has established partnerships and teaming agreements with several companies that are leaders within the OMG community, along with several Washington Top 100 Prime Contractors in the defense and aerospace industries. “As a Louisiana based technology company, nMeta is both honored and pleased to be working with LSU to develop capabilities that have the potential to significantly improve the security of our nation’s cyber infrastructure.” said Laursen. 

nMeta provides research, services and solutions for architecture driven transformation, enterprise architecture, business reengineering, cyber security, national defense and legacy modernization by utilizing powerful, model oriented practices. Our slogan, “We can model that,” reflects nMeta’s approach of model based engineering across the enterprise lifecycle.


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