Meet nMeta

Our Mission  “We Can Model That!”

nMeta provides research, services and solutions for architecture driven transformation, enterprise architecture, business reengineering, cyber security, national defense and legacy modernization by utilizing  powerful, model oriented practices.  Our slogan, “We can model that”, reflects our approach of model based engineering across the enterprise lifecycle.

Why Models?

Models play an important role in the description of complex scenarios and are used extensively in the development of information systems. They are well suited to serve as a communication vehicle between collaborating individuals of different professions. Models are a visual rendering that offers a common basis of understanding. They convey information more effectively than code which can only be understood by developers. Effective use of models for interdisciplinary communication is therefore an essential ingredient to involve all stakeholders in the continued evolution of information systems  It is established practice to use models during process analysis, for high level design of information systems, as well as description of data structures and their interrelations. nMeta expands on the traditional use of models by using them throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle to capture:

  • Organizational structure, vision, objectives and capabilities
  • Business architecture
  • Information architecture
  • System architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Executable architecture
  • Reverse and forward engineering
  • Automated tests and monitoring


In a constantly changing environment it is vital that organizations have an architecture and infrastructure that is open, flexible, and efficient in order to keep pace with customer expectations and competitive opportunities.  A key to achieving this agility is to possess a powerful knowledge management capability for both business and engineering information.  nMeta, helps its customer succeed by empowering them with end-to-end model oriented practices.

nMeta is dedicated, and uniquely able, to provide both the consulting expertise and the technology to meet the changing and ever present demands of business and government through leadership, expertise and standards.


nMeta specializes in applying modeling across a vast spectrum of technologies and industries. Our enterprise technology service capability has been forged by working with a diverse client list. Our collective knowledge and experience allows us to provide targeted services tailored to each business context, but more importantly, our approach is driven by what is important to you and your company.


Christopher Galliano

A native of New Orleans, Christopher has served in a wide variety of roles inside and outside of the government. His diverse background has given him extensive experience in management, cyber security, research, modeling and complex system design. During his time in the Navy, Chris participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom: Shock and Awe Campaign and Operation Unified Assistance: Great Tsunami Relief in Indonesia. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Chris returned to his hometown where he helped rebuild SPAWAR Systems Center New Orleans and as Executive Officer, he worked extensively on the formation of SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic, a multi-billion dollar working capital fund.

Chris’s interests are extremely broad but his work experience include Data Center Design Engineering, DoN Enterprise Data Center Consolidation, Model Driven Application Rationalization, DoN Enterprise Landing Zone Design and Engineering, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)/Government Off Off The Shelf(GOTS) Integration, Federal & DoD Cyber Security Research, Rapid Zero Day Detection & Defense Management, Federal/Inter-­‐Agency/State & Local Government Technology Collaboration, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Recovery Planning, Computer Science Education and Technology Outreach, University Partnerships in Computer Science. When he’s not working at nMeta, Chris is busy being a Dad to the worlds sweetest dog, Stitch “Fun Puppy” Galliano.

Kent Laursen

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kent comes to nMeta with an array of experience ranging from software engineering, product development, modeling, architecture, innovation and standards development in both the private and federal sectors. Kent’s prior roles include: Chief Technology Officer for No Magic, Principal Engineer for Scientific Research Corporation, Director of Product Development for Indigo BioSystems, Senior Software Architect for GenoLogics Life Sciences Software, Senior Consultant for Select Business Solutions and Staff Engineer for WebGain. Kent resides with his wife in the sportsman’s paradise of Louisiana, where he enjoys fishing, music, food, friends and creating great technology with nMeta